toil + good intentions

The shelves I got during my recent endurance-session at Ikea are coming in useful holding the assortment of bowls, cups, mugs, saucers, bells etc I've thrown over the last fortnight. Want to see them as proof that I'm not fibbing and have instead been lying in the sun these last few days - lol. Here they are:

They have to dry out completely now before heading for their first spell in kiln. If they go in too early, there's a risk that they explode. Don't want that !!

The last two days I spent updating and (hopefully) improving my website. I built it using weebly.com. I find their templates reasonably easy to customise, I'm not after a medal for mastering html. 

Weebly are based in San Francisco - another reason why I like them ;) - and I couldn't resist using on the home page a picture of flowers I photographed in Mendocino CA (I love that place) last time I was there. 

These blooms have given me the idea (again) to use flower images on pots I make, a bit like the bird on the bowl above, only larger. I will make a concerted effort not to go anywhere without my camera for the new few months ;)))


wind + mud + valentines

The wind sounded pretty violent again last night. The birds roosting in the tree in front of my house must have thought they were on the high seas again. I felt sorry for them. I hope they will sleep a little better tonight. - Sigh.

The garden looks like a rice-field after a good dowsing. Yesterday, Kipps (my dog) took a shine to it, did a few high-speed turns and then shot in and had a mad-mood round the studio - transformed the floor into a mudscape in no time at all.  - Sigh.

On a cheerier note, I had 2 separate Folksy successes: 2 sales in 1 day - that felt rather nice - and a bowl of mine featured in Folksy's favourite finds section. I took a screenshot to capture the moment. Here it is ...

I made a macrame bracelet with a ceramic heart following a really useful tutorial on youtube. Had intended to put it on Folksy in time for Valentine's, but the weather has been too grey for decent photos. - SIGH.

Luckily I had taken shots of other recent Valentine (inspired) pieces.

Wonder which one might be your favourite(s)? 
And as I'm on the subject ... I wonder what will be MY surprise come 14 Feb ? ;)))


potters' mecca

My little girlie is almost back to normal - thanks for all your kind comments! On Monday she had to attend a session at the V&A in London. I went along so she'd have someone to lean on, to lug her backpack (heavy one!) and to treat her to some nice tucker before catching the train home.

Whenever I'm at the V&A I'm drawn to their vast ceramics section - it's a bit like a potters' mecca to me. A while ago on Pinterest I came across a plate on show at the V&A of a hare from the 15th century. I found it and it impressed me even more than the picture.

Whilst there, I remembered a mug I spotted on a previous visit. So this time, I made sure I didn't leave without a photo - I love a good laugh - :)))

I adore the colours and patterns of ceramics made in Syria between 1400 and 1500. Wished I could make something only half as nice!

Another exhibit that makes me chuckle as well as shudder is this stack of plates. They came out of the kiln looking like this. The supports had collapsed, causing the plates to touch and with the glaze hot and liquid they ended up well and truly stuck. Not a surprise I'd want ever!

Tucked away in a corner is this little figure of a boy with an almighty donkey head. I always find it a bit unnerving.

Well, that's enough from her at the museum. I've been back at work, hands covered in clay. Will hopefully have some pots to show you next week. x


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