empty bowls

Let 16 potters, 3 chefs and a baker do their bit and what do you get? Folks of Tonbridge in Kent found out this week when their former fire station was transformed into a diner so soup cum bread prepared by those wizards with their ladles could be served in bowls handmade for the event.

It all happened as part of the international “Empty Bowls” project which involves artists and groups in communities to create and donate bowls, then serve a simple meal. In return for a donation, diners choose a bowl to use on the day and to keep as a reminder of the countless empty bowls in the world.

All money raised goes to hunger and poverty fighting organisations. In Tonbridge over £1600 were handed to a charity for the homeless.

I was delighted when asked to contribute bowls for the occasion. I threw some extra large ones. Hopefully their new owners got some extra big helpings.


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